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My scholarly interests include:

Major publications:

Peace and Power: Creative Leadership for Building Community (7th edition, 2007). This book has been used internationally by women's peace groups, nursing groups, hospital committees, church and community groups to guide their shift toward cooperative, egalitarian ways of working together. Available through Jones and Bartlett.

Integrated Theory and Knowledge Development in Nursing (7th edition). Co-authored with Maeona K. Kramer. Visit Mosby's web site to order this book. This edition, released in November 2007. includes a chapter on emancipatory knowing, and integrates emancipatory knowing with the four fundamental patterns of knowing in nursing.


The following list shows examples of my typical approaches to teaching at all levels of education.



Nursing Theory (Nursing 350) that explores the development of grand, mid-range and situation-specific nursing theories, nursing's fundamental patterns of knowing, and the links between advanced nursing practice and developing nursing knowledge.


Theory Development course (Nursing 414) that focuses on advanced concepts of nursing knowledge development.




BS in Nursing, University of Hawaii, 1964, Distinguished Alumna Award, June, 1997

MS in Child Health Nursing, University of Utah, Distinguished alumna Award, May 1988

PhD in Educational Psychology, University of Utah, 1971